Templates - Design Phase

(IT Development)

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The Design Phase answers the questions about "how" you will build the best solution for your organization and your environment. At the end of the Design Phase, you will have a logical solution defined and you will be ready to build the physical solution.

The following templates will help you during the Design Phase.

All templates are in Word unless noted otherwise.

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Data Conversion Plan


The Data Conversion Plan describes the detailed approach that you need for data conversion and is written at a level that allows the actual activities to be determined and added to the project workplan.

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This template contains the following sections:

- Overview

- Data Conversion Environment

- Automated Data Source Conversions

- Manual Data Source Conversions

- Data Conversion Rules

- Data Conversion Process

- Control

- Backup and Rollback Process


Design Checklist


A comprehensive list of design elements including any company standards should be included here. This provides a means for documenting important design features and functions and ensures they are included in the final solution..

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This template contains the following sections:

- Item Description

  - Yes/No


Implementation Plan


The Implementation Plan is used to lay out the details for implementing the solution. It is not written at the level of the workplan details, although you should be able to complete the workplan activities from the content in the Implementation Plan.

R$ 7,95


This template contains the following sections:

- Overview

- Communication

- Production Implementation Standards

- Roles and Responsibilities

- Dependencies

- Technical Approach

- Implementation Schedule

- Backup and Rollback Plan


Technical System Design


The Technical Systems Design document is a consolidation of all the component design work that took place earlier in the Design Phase.

R$ 8,85


This template contains the following sections:

- Overview

- Screen Design

- Report Design

- Program Specifications

- Reuse Components

- Security Design

- Other Interfaces

- Manual Processes

- Solution Architecture

- Logical Datastore Design

- Approvals

- Appendix A: Screen Layouts

- Appendix B: Report Layouts

- Appendix C: Program Specifications - Appendix D: Reusable Components

- Appendix E: Solution Security

- Appendix F: Interfaces

- Appendix G: Manual Processes

- Appendix H: Solution Architecture

- Appendix I: Logical Datastores

- Design


Testing Plan


Preparing a Testing Plan helps the project team think through the work effort first so that the entire testing process proceeds more smoothly and efficiently. Developing the Testing Plan early helps ensure that the appropriate resources are identified and available when needed for testing purposes.

R$ 8,85


This template contains the following sections:

- Acceptance Criteria

- Project Approvals

- Project Overview

- Testing Risks

- Testing Schedule

- Unit Testing Design

- Integration Testing Design

- System Testing Design

- Acceptance Testing Design

- Defect Management

- Tracking and Monitoring

- Optional Sections


Training Plan


The Training Plan describes the overall curriculum and how each piece will be developed and delivered. (The curriculum is based on the high-level information in the Training Strategy, which is created in the analysis phase.)

R$ 8,85


This template contains the following sections:

- Overview

- Curriculum Design

 - Training Classes

 - Training Development and Delivery

 - Training Development Time and Cost

 - Training Responsibilities

 - Training Infrastructure

- Reinforcement

- Timeline

- Project Approvals


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