Templates - Construction Phase

(IT Development)

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Depending on your point of view, the Construct Phase is where the "rubber meets the road." This is the point in the project when you actually start to construct the solution. The following templates will help you during the construction phase.

The following templates will help you during the Construction Phase.

All templates are in Word unless noted otherwise.

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Application Maintenance Manual


This template contains useful information such as where the component libraries are, what databases and tables are used, the overall program processing, etc. There may be useful information like this to compile and give to the support staff so that they can have it as a reference when problems and questions arise.

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This template contains the following sections:

- Overview

- Document Location

- Files/Databases

- Application Code

- Job Information

- Testing

- Licenses

- Attachment A: Business Area Requirements / Conceptual Design

- Attachment B: Technical Systems Design / Application Architecture


Disaster Recovery Manual


This template includes step-by-step instructions on what needs to happen and in what order. It is possible that the main application support person may not be available in case of a disaster. In that case, another person should be able to take this procedure and recover the application.

R$ 8,85


This template contains the following sections:

- Application Overview

- Base Environment Recovery

- Interface Considerations

- Client Software Recovery

- File Synchronization

- Recovery Up to the Present Time

- Additional Recovery Requirements

- Recovery Risks

- Recovery Procedure

- Disaster Recovery Contacts

- Vendor

- IS / Client


Helpdesk Turnover Frequently Asked Questions


Creation of frequently asked questions is an important tool for the help desk in assisting problem resolution. Some of the more common questions can be derived during user acceptance testing and this document should be updated by the support team over time. First level and second level support contact information should also be included for reference.

R$ 7,95


This template contains the following sections:

- Problem

- Questions to Ask

- Potential Resolution


Service Level Agreement


A Service Level Agreement (SLA) is a negotiated agreement that specifies the type of work, quality level, parties involved, and other expectations under which the support organization will provide services to the client organization. An SLA helps identify expectations, clarify responsibilities, and facilitate communication between the parties involved.

R$ 8,85


This template contains the following sections:

- Introduction

- Effective Dates

- Service Level Categories

- Availability

- Batch Delivery

- System Response Time

- Team Response Time

- Accuracy

- Reliability

- Exclusions

- Third Party Service Providers

- Client Responsibilities

- Project Approvals


Test Case


This template is used to describe test cases that will be needed to ensure the solution performs as expected.

R$ 7,95


This template contains the following sections:

- Project Info

- Data or Activities Required to Test

- Expected Results


Users Manual


This is the most important document that can be provided to the users of the system. It should include proper use of the system’s features and functionality but also how to resolve common errors. The glossary is an important component of this document as it should clearly describe the terms and data to reduce confusion.

R$ 7,95


This template contains the following sections:

- Functions

- Operational Procedures

- Errors and Error Handling

- Glossary

- Project Approvals


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