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(IT Development)

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The essence of testing is to catch as many errors as possible, correct the errors , track the errors to understand their causes and any patterns that may exist, and revalidate the stability of the solution, including ensuring that the correction of one error does not lead to the introduction of another error somewhere else.

The following templates will help you during the Testing Phase.

All templates are in Word unless noted otherwise.

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Test Case Validation Log


This template is used to record each test, document each test case and record the results of the test. This template can be used for unit, integration, system and acceptance testing, and it is especially useful if an independent testing organization is utilized.

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This template contains the following sections:

- Test Case ID

- Testing Date

- Responsible Tester

- Test Results / Problems

- Status (Pass / Fail)


Test Error Log


This log is used to summarize and track the status of errors that are reported during integration, system and acceptance testing. The errors are reported using the Test Error Report and are cross-referenced to this report with the Test Error ID.

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This template contains the following sections:

- Test Error ID

- Severity

- Test Event

- Date Reported

- Date Completed

- Status


Test Error Report


This report is used to document the finding of errors in the testing process to ensure that they are reported, tracked and ultimately corrected. This is normally not used for unit testing, unless the tester is someone other than the developer. It is used in integration, system and acceptance testing.

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This template contains the following sections:

- Description of Error

- Condition that Caused Error

- Test Event / Severity / Can It Be Reproduced?

- Description of Solution

- Retesting Plan


Test Scripts


This document describes a set of steps that need to be performed in a certain order to test a feature or function of the system. The script also allows for a repeatable test sequence that can be performed by multiple people or at multiple times. The Test Script is also used when the testing scenario is too complex to describe with the Test Case.

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This template contains the following sections:

- Test Case ID

- Feature / Function / Requirement to - Test

- Step

- Describe the Input or Action to Perform

- Expected Result


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