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Phase (IT Development)

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Implementation refers to the final process of moving the solution from development status to production status. Depending on your project, this process is often called deployment, go-live, rollout or installation. There is no single way to implement an application. It depends on the characteristics of your project and the solution.

The following templates will help you during the Implementation Phase.

All templates are in Word unless noted otherwise.

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Implementation Checklist


This can be used to build a quick list of critical items needed to accomplish prior to the implementation phase of a project. By documenting these items it helps to ensure a smooth transition to support.

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This template contains the following sections:

- Project Name

- Project Manager

- Activity List


Implementation Team


This template provides supporting detail of the implementation team and their availability. By documenting this information it allows for proper planning of this project phase.

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This template contains the following sections:

- Name

- Role

- On-Site (Date, Time)

- On-Call (Date, Time)

- Phone Number

- Email Address


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